The Secret Place

The Secret Place is a free, continuing resource for individual use created and maintained for the Knoxville Diocesan Council of Catholic Women by Lucy Brown. It is suitable anywhere for both men and women in any walk of life of any parish or group therein. The Secret Place is designed to aid one's spiritual growth toward a deepening personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Download, print, read, ponder prayerfully ... begin!

Click here to download The Secret Place, PRELIMINARIES (Binder)
Click here to download The Secret Place, SECTION ONE - Basics (Binder)
Click here to download The Secret Place, SECTION TWO - Ongoing Dimensions (Binder)

Click below to download some or all issues of TSP Express, the semi-regular email communication from Lucy especially for participants of The Secret Place.   Archived, current, and future issues of TSP Express as released are meant to be downloaded, printed, and added to Section Two of your The Secret Place notebook behind the appropriate Phase I, II, or III lead-in pages.

Phase I (loving, devoted, unhurried reading of the scriptures)
1 - Welcome/Introduction
2 - The Way Forward

Phase II (personal, private prayer)
3 - Deepening Prayer
4 - In the Language of Love
5 - Jesus as High Priest
6 - Swan Song of Sorts

Phase III (into the wine cellar)
7 - Falling in Love with the King
8 - Growing in Love
9 - Preparing for Love Incarnate
       Part One - Preparing for Love Incarnate, Reflection 
Part Two - Preparing for Love Incarnate, Selected Writings
10 - When Did I Start to Love You?
11 - A Meditative Journey for Holy Week and Beyond
12 - Closeness
13 - Becoming All Flame
14 - God’s Constancy
15 - Compelling Love
16 - Water
17 - Living Hope
18 - Songs of Ascent
19 - His Hands
20 - Passion's Release and Return
21 - Pathways of the Shepherd
22 - The Lover and His Beloved
23 - Fullness



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